The U.S. Virgin Islands is made up of three beautiful island. St. Croix - St. Thomas - St. John. They are known for amazing weather, crystal clear blue waters and breath taking views. I got the chance to visit the island of St.John in August and it was amazing. Now the journey to get there not so great due to hurricane Dorian. Hurricane season in the Virgin Islands range from June to November so booking my trip at the beginning of September wasn't the best idea.

My trip started in Orlando Fl right before hurricane Dorian was expected to hit the Virgin Islands. With it only being a category 1 and unsure the route that it would take, I decided to take the risk. Got on the plane and made it to Miami. Waiting for my connecting flight I got an alert that my flight to St.Thomas was canceled. (sigh) I Immediately got on the phone with customer service to weigh out my options. There was only one flight going to the Island of St.Croix in a few hours or get back on a plane to Orlando. So being the risk taker that I am off to St.Croix I went.

Day #2 - I jumped on a small 6 seater Cessna and headed to St.Thomas. Took the ferry over to St.John and was amazed by how beautiful the island was. I couldn't believe that the Island went through a hurricane just a few hours ago. Got to my resort and was greeted with rum punch - now we are talking.

Day #3 - All my camera gear packed and batteries charged I was ready to meet up with my clients. I followed them around the island for hours as they took me to some breath taking places to shoot. Had to pinch myself a few times to make sure I wasn't dreaming (lol). From Sunrise to Sunset I couldn't be more amazed.

Super thankful for being able to visit St.John and can't wait to be back. It is truly paradise and I highly recommend everyone to plan a vacation there. Just try to avoid visiting during peak hurricane season. To my clients Scott and Anysia thank you guys so much for the hospitality.